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Buick GMC Brakes Service in Raleigh, NC

At Thompson Automotive Group, we're here for you if you need any service or repair on your brakes. But it's always helpful if you're personally aware of any unusual behavior coming from your vehicle. Read below to find out what you should be looking for and some of the services we offer when you come in for professional maintenance.

Tips on Brakes and Brake Pads from Thompson Automotive Group

When do car brakes need to be changed?
Most brake pads need to be changed after 50,000 miles. However, along with the make and model of your car, it's also important to consider how you drive your vehicle. In addition, you should take your car for service and repair if you experience any of the following: you hear strange noises, feel vibrations in your steering wheel, or see a light on your dashboard concerning your brakes.

How are car brakes tested?
Our maintenance team at Thompson Automotive Group is here to make sure your brakes and brake pads are working correctly. We'll also check the wheels for brake dust, confirm the thickness of brake pads, and test your steering wheel and brake pedal.

What causes car brakes to fail?
The usual suspects when it comes to eventual brake failure are oil leaks that interfere with brake friction, overheated brakes, and over-worn brake pads.

Where can I fix my car brakes?
At Thompson Automotive Group, our expertly trained maintenance team is here to make sure you're in for a safe and smooth ride. We're located at 2600 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh, NC 27609. Schedule an appointment for service or repair today. 

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